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A joint program with UMIO – Maastricht University of Economics and Business 


We created a platform for growth that puts individual growth front and center. Designed with business professors from top MBA programs, our revolutionary active learning platform combines interactive, self-guided learning with coaching, discussion, and group projects. The experience includes access to articles, tools, and events.



Our learning experience is built for everyone to create an impact. We offer a mix of learning types, carefully designed around coaching. Growing yourself is hard work, but it becomes a lot easier when you have the support you need.


We work based on the principles of high-impact learning that lasts (HILL). Your learning is hands-on. Personalized Project-based with community collaboration and guidance by coaches. Not only a mindset-shifting experience but also the most powerful of way of learning.


Did you know?



of companies that chose business building as their main strategy grew at rates above the average of their industries. 

source: McKinsey



Companies in the “Experimenters Index” (testing culture & infrastructure) perform 690% better than the S&P500 index.

Source: James Zeitler, Harvard Business School



three-quarters of HR leaders predict significant industry disruption in the next three years, but also 75% of employees do not feel engaged. 

source: Mercer

So we built tracks by – and for – every type of innovator role

The NowPow program is designed for corporate teams. The program is customized for each client to deliver the highest impact.

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Build your startup


You will build your real innovation project guided by coaches and scientific insights.

Innovation managers, Innovation leads, product managers, and anyone going after successful innovation.

4 innovation sprints of 4 days.
6 months of startup discovery

As a (corporate) innovator you will be geared up and learn to apply a practical roadmap to create impact faster, better, and in a co-creative way.

• Apply leading innovation methodologies in order to effectively discover, create, test and scale-up ideas in a fast pace.
• The best mix of Design thinking, lean startup and business model design.
• Design your optimal innovation success formula
• Skilled as innovation expedition leader Business model building
360 Experience covering empathy, leading teams, entrepreneurship, experimentation, creativity, measuring progress, and stakeholder management



Build your innovation program


Create your innovation program to boost multiple innovation projects across your organization in a repeatable and scalable way.

Innovation Managers, CIO, CDO, Head of Innovation, Director Innovation Lab

4 innovation sprints of 4 days.
3 months of startup discovery
Personal Coach

As an innovation leader your journey prepared you to:

• Steer for innovation action geared towards achieving results
• Design and lead a strategic innovation program (Portfolio management)
• Drive the imagination of the future
design, and lead a disruptive)- innovation strategy
• Create the entrepreneurial
mindset and culture
• Design and test structures and processes for innovation
• Design and test a strategic corporate Innovation Ecosystem
• Track performance and Impact through innovation accounting
• Effective leadership & stakeholder management



Become the future leader


A human-centered transformation program, with concrete actions on how to impact mindsets and way of working. 

Board members, leadership, executives and everyone else tasked to future-proof the organization.

4 in-depth transformation session (2,5 days)
High-level strategic innovation leadership online sessions
Intensive coaching

Become the leader of tomorrow today. Learn how to translate your bold space view on major trends to your organization. This expedition grows your mindset and equips you with the right leadership competencies to create an organization that is always ready to win the business of tomorrow. You will be guided by coaches and peers to:
• Effectively lead and inspire in transformation and ambiguity.
• Create the critical conditions for high-impact and high-performance transformation.
• Create, lead and manage a strategic program and portfolio
• Design and update your organization’s
strategy in a continuous (agile and lean) way and foster a sustainable culture
• Develop your company’s unique vision, culture and ecosystem success formula with your personal coach and help from peers to always be ready for tomorrow.


Graduate with a NowPow certification of competence. You’ll also receive a virtual certificate which alumni add to their Linkedin profile

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